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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Millennium Goals of United Nations

  (1)            Regarding the status of work towards achieving Millennium goals, UN secretary General cautioned that “the financial, food and climate crises have set back efforts towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDG s) and threaten future process”.
               I agree with this statement because the recent recession led to virtual chaos in financial markets which upset plans on all fronts. Food and climatic crises are no exception to this. While there is considerable progress made by countries like China and India, the African regions are lagging behind .Unless these goals are achieved on an even keel in all regions one cannot say that there is an equitable growth and the goals have reached.

(2) The UN’s work towards achieving sustainability is not progressing according to expectation. Climate change remains a major threat to sustainability. It is quite likely that several island countries, land locked countries and least developed countries would miss their targets. Criticizing this progress , the UN secretary General  Ban Ki-moon in his millennium development goals report was quite forthright in his comment that the improvements in the lives of the poor have been unacceptably slow and some hard-won gains are being twittered away by the climate ,food and economic crises.

(3) In my opinion, climate change and the issue of including women are the most pressing sustainability issues facing the world. It is quite clear that environment attracting a lot of focus and attention by United Nations organization as well as individual countries has long been neglected and has become the source of unpredictable climatic changes in the world. Goals usually are fixed taking into account the positive side of action while discounting the hurdles that one may face on his way to the goal. Goal –setting thus becomes one-sided and when we come across some hurdles, we will be thrown off our path and the time taken to reach our goal will be affected and goal-reaching takes a longer time than planned. Recent recession, natural disasters, global warming, conflicts in some areas between countries are some of the examples of such hurdles. One can verify from the Millennium Development Goal document and find that none of these are mentioned while setting the goals. The goal-setting thus is unrealistic and quite unlikely to be attained in time.

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